William Tell Sackett is the son of Colborn and Mary Ann Sackett and older brother of Orrin, Tyrel, Bob and Joe. He usually prefers to be called by his middle name. He is 6'3" tall and weighs 180 pounds, most crowded into his chest, shoulders and arms. By his own admission, he is the "ugly duckling" of the family. Tell is often perceived as rough-looking, but he is a man of strong moral character. Tell is a drifter, never staying in one place for too long. He fought in the Civil War on the Union side in the Sixth Cavalry. On apart of this, he goes very long without seeing or communicating with his family. He has held many different jobs, ranging from miner to cowpuncher. Out of all The Sackett Novels, Tell has killed the most men. Tell was married once to Ange Kerry, but she was molested and killed shortly after their marriage. Tell hunted down and killed Van Allen, the man responsible for Ange's death.

He has also shown romantic interest in other women after Ange's death, including Dorset Binney from The Lonely Men and Nell Trelawney from Treasure Mountain.

Tell has appeared in the following Novels: Sackett, Mojave Crossing, The Sackett Brand, The Lonely Men, Treasure Mountain, Lonely on the Mountain and the non-Sackett novel Dark Canyon as a cowhand helping protagonist Gaylord Riley. He is also the protagonist of short stories Booty for a Badman and The Courting of Griselda.

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