Orrin Sackett is the middle son of Colborn Sackett and Mary Ann Sackett and is brother to Tell Sackett, Tyrel Sackett, Bob Sackett and Joe Sackett.


He's usually described by his brothers as the handsome one, and is proved to be a ladies-man. Tell Sackett describes his brother as being "gifted with the Welsh tongue," meaning he is a smooth-talker and a good singer. Always trying to see the best in people, Orrin is well-liked by most, and he has had much success in running for office. He's been a mayor, a sheriff, and even a marshal. He was also a lawyer. Despite that, he is a skilled fist and gun fighter.

Orrin has been married more than any of the Sackett brothers, however his marriages never seem to go well. On his first wedding, Long Higgins, a member of Higgins family that the Sacketts have been feuding with for many decades, shows up with a gun to kill Orrin for murdering his brother. Orrin is unarmed, and as Long fires, Orrin's bride-to-be dives in front of him, taking the bullet for him. Orrin's second marriage is to Laura Pritts, the daughter of Jonathan Pritts. Laura appears to love Orrin, but remains loyal to her father, who is trying to move people in Santa Fe off of their rightful land. The problem is, Orrin's brother Tyrel is working hard on Don Luis', one of the settlers, behalf. Laura tries to break the two Sackett brothers apart, but Orrin discovers her plans. Orrin divorces her and sends her on her way.

Orrin helps his brother Tell hunt down Van Allen, being alongside him in the final shootout. He assists Tell and Tyrel during a cattle drive to help their cousin Logan Sackett. Orrin also helps discover the mystery of his father's death, helping Tell during their expedition to Treasure Mountain.